Aims and Activities

The aims of the Kotuku Peninsula Charitable Trust (KPCT) are to:

  • Restore, enhance and protect the biological diversity of flora and fauna on the Kotuku Peninsula.
  • Facilitate the protection and restoration of the ecological integrity of the Kotuku Peninsula such that native biodiversity flourishes.
  • Provide an environment that supports experiential education, interpretation and advocacy.
  • Ensure the sanctuary is an exemplar of best practice adaptive ecological management that benefits the local, island and national environment.

These aims will be achieved by:

  • Considering the contiguous nature of the area from ridge-top to sea (vertically and horizontally) in any restoration plan.
  • Securing funding for personnel who will coordinate and facilitate ongoing sanctuary operations.
  • Supporting the planning and implementation of restoration work by the landowners.
  • Liaising with other organisations to ensure industry best-practice and research.
  • Involving the community in projects.
  • Providing interpretative and educational opportunities.
  • Facilitating public access within Kotuku Sanctuary and supporting the development of tracks.
  • Promoting and publicising achievements to both general and scientific communities.